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Issue 3: Local edition!
Tuesday, 23-Jul-2024 00:48:56 PDT

Gardy Loo featuring El Duce (perverts on parade) Off the Records

holy shit! holy fucking shit! if you've heard of the Mentors, then you know what i'm talking about. if you haven't, get your lame ass down to Sam Goody's and abuse the clerk for not carrying it. then get your ass over to the closest shop where they sell rawk and buy this album. with this 'soon-to-be-classic', Gardy Loo has done a great service to El Duce fans everywhere.

while hiding out in Florida as a registered sex offender, Duce stayed with his buddies Gardy Loo. And the band didn't waste the great opportunity. they had the presence of mind to record a string of songs that El Duce wrote. and after he passed away, they did the right thing and released this as a tribute to the late ED. It almost brings a tear to the eye to read the inscription they wrote for him: 'remember me when you hear the trains whistle...'. for those that don't know, it's believed that El Duce was killed when Courtney Love pushed him in front of a train because she was scared he would rat her out for trying to hire him to murder her ex-husband.

Friends of mine had always talked about El Duce being the lead singer and pervert behind the shock-rock band The Mentors. "yeah," i'd say, "nothing can shock me. what could possibly be so shocking?" they'd say, "the chorus of one song goes 'reap the pink, reap the pink, i wanna butt-fuck your daughter.' and his guitarist's name is sickie wifebeater"

i was sold.

with songs entitled "senior citizen sodomizer", "help! dr. foster!", "first shit of the morning", and my personal favorite "clitoctomy" this fucker is a winner. there's no mistaking this for anything but an El Duce project. what gets me the most is his style of intonation and how his words sorta slur together like he's chugging a forty between lines. this line paraphrases what you'll find on the album: "here's what you need on your vagina! thptptptpt! plus tax!... biiiiitch!" go get this shit now!

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