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Issue 3: Local edition!
Tuesday, 23-Jul-2024 02:21:33 PDT
at least once a week i would go into open mind and dig through the G section looking for a new drop from my favorite band, GAUNT, so you know I was pumped when it finally showed up the other day. But I was skeptical at first. They'd done the unthinkable. they left Thrill Jockey and signed with a major label: Warner Brothers. i was almost hesitant to pick it up, especially with the promotional sticker on the front. but, i had to find out for myself if they had gone completely main-stream. from the second the needle hit the vinyl, my fears were erased: this shit was on!

their production quality mixed with thoughtful lyrics might leave you feeling that they're more pop than punk, but take in a show and you'll know that they're true to the music.

My friend Morgan turned me on to Gaunt 3 years ago, and I've been a fan ever since. their roots are a little punk, but the tips are definitely rock. the album's all have pretty high production quality and enough harmony and catchy loops to make it a little too poppy for some, but that's how i like it. To poke fun at themselves, they even have a song called 'pop' on their new album, Bricks and Blackouts. With an emphasis on guitar licks that complement the chords, and melodic, gritty choruses, it's still a pleasure to hear that obligatory slow song on every album. the lyrics stand out and are sometimes filled with some great lines:

i need a cigarette, can you spare me a match,
i can't seem to get this god damn one lit
and can you sell me another drink,
cause i think i'm having the shakes and a nicotine fit.

so, when they came to town, you know i was fucking down! i drove down to the tenderloin in the Caddy to see them play at one of San Francisco's finest clubs: The Great American Music Hall. they got up there and belted out a wide array of tunes from all of their albums. the crowd was still a little thin since they weren't headlining, but it was a solid showing. i'd recommend catching them live so you can watch as they start jumping around rocker-style just a tad bit off the guitar strum.

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