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Filters draws its name from the idea that each person's perception of reality is derived from a set of filters. These filters - one's senses, the media, the government, a computer screen, a friend's opinion, etc. - all dictate what is experienced.

Filters is a combination of views and ideas presented in a wide variety of forms. Filters is a periodical that exists only in digital space because digital space may be the most profound filter on our experience since the industrial revolution began.

Filters chooses a theme each issue that acts as a springboard for thoughts. We, the editors, encourage a meaningful exchange of ideas about the current theme in the Editor's Email. The Blender is a mix of various people's contributions to this project. 43 Degree Angle is an editorial column written by Matt Rotter. Two articles are included in each issue to allow Filters to define its own idea of the current theme. The Treasure Chest is where we keep back issues of the periodical and free downloads. The Glossary is where we explain the slang used here and where you can leave a term of your own. Finally, we offer Hot Links, as a point of departure from Filters.

The point of the project is to think seriously about the ways that our filters affect us and the world in which we live. However, we also feel that deep thought needs to be fun and entertaining, so have fun.

This issue is centered around the theme Sketch. We, the editors, felt that because we are new to Portland, we could only offer a sketch of the city and our experiences here. It was decided that it would be a good overall theme for the next issue. It is also important that the theme relate to the content more directly.

Skateboarding has long used the term sketchy to describe a trick that was just barely pulled off. Grafitti has obvious ties to the theme in that most pointers use a sketch to work from. The other writing may have more dubious links, but that's what FILTERS is all about.


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