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We're working on the next issue of the magazine, should be out in a couple weeks. Been running around taking pictures, going to big parties, enhancing the look and feel, etc.. While you're here, take a look around at the different sections, there's a lot to see. Feel free to add new slang terms to the glossary. Then come back soon.

We're psyched! The X-games are coming to Pier 30 in San Francisco next week. From the looks of the place, it should be dope as fuck. The size alone of the course is bewildering. We'll be spending lots of time down there taking pics and checking out the talent. Bonus: my roommate is working and has backstage access. Check back for coverage.

The wait is over! Above is the menu to the new issue of filters! It took a little longer than we thought (read below!), but here it is. The new issue sports a new modular design (not quite finished, we'd love to hear your comments and ideas) should allow us to update the site more often. So, the rest is up to you. Go check out the new ish!

this was the editors' note for the new issue
About fucking time: we're working on the next issue of Filters. For the last year all of the contributors to Filters have been busy with life shit, and now they're getting back together to bring the 3rd issue out. This one looks to be the best yet, with a lot more of what you want to read.

We're working through hangovers to fill the next mag with stories of skating, surfing, chopping, and that important missing peice: sex. This issue's slant will be about Frisco flavor. Matt's going to go through the history of skateboarding in the city, Tom's covering surfing and transplants, Hovey -- the master of chopping -- will delve deep into his art, and as many others as we can dig up. As usual, the design will come from the talented Ayo, art director of Ideograf. We're bringing in Darius for his photography skills, and his brother for DJ mixes.

To cater this next issue to our readers, we're looking for some feedback on the current mag. Read through and tell us what you want to see more of, and what you could miss. In the manifesto, you'll find out all about what's in here.

Make sure to check out our glossary of slang terms that are used in the magazine where you can add any slang that you think other people might dig.

If you are interested in writing for the magazine, send us mail with your ideas. Or just send us a line if you feel like it.